Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little Wing Connections Vacaville Luncheon Is Tomorrow At Noon. Great Group. Come Join Us.

New Location!
This Thursday, December 1st, 12:00noon - 1:30pm

This is a great networking venue! Come on out and have some lunch and share your business. Meet new friends.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Water Damage Restoration - Signs of Water Damage

Water damage restoration restores your home following serious water damage. The damage could come from a flood or a natural disaster. If the damage isn't too bad, it's usually possible to restore some things. When damage is beyond repair, there's nothing you can do about it.
Thankfully, there's usually something left to salvage. In some cases, your home can look almost new again. Below you will find some common signs of water damage. If you see these signs in your home, it might be time to call for help.
1. Brown stains on the walls or ceilings. Brown stains are the biggest indicator of water damage in your home. These stains often develop in areas where water is constantly dripping and running down the wall or ceiling. There could be a leak behind a wall or in the ceiling. There could also be a spot where water stands when it rains. In any case, brown spots are bad news. You will have to get someone to check behind the walls or in the ceiling. Hopefully, they will be able to find and repair the source of the leak.
2. Sagging ceilings or warped floors. A sagging area on the ceiling usually means there's a leak somewhere inside. This is dangerous because the ceiling could eventually collapse. You might not think it's a big deal, but the structure will continue to weaken. The longer the leak remains, the more damage it does to your ceiling.
A warped floor means the floor has been misshapen because of prolonged exposure to water. If this happens in your home, it means water is somehow getting into the floorboards. It's common for this to happen following a flood. Like with the ceiling, this needs repairing to avoid further damage.
Water can also damage your rugs, and cause mold to grow in your home. You can probably replace a rug on your own. The same is true for getting rid of mold. However, you must find the source of the problem for water damage restoration to work. That's when you probably need to call in a professional service for assistance.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Water Damage Restoration - Take Pertinent Measures

Property damaged by flooding water requires immediate response and proper mitigation in order to prevent secondary damage that ruins the contents of the building. You should hire a professional service that deploys appropriate methods to reduce the impact and restore the property.
Whether there has been a flood, a leaking roof or a burst pipe in your property, you should have it cleaned right away. Damage caused by flood is different from the one caused by broken pipes or overflowing sinks as floodwater is contaminated. Hence, the problem requires a professional approach for drying as well as sanitizing the property. Though the process of restoration varies for each situation, you should take immediate action whether the damage is too much or not. Time is of the utmost importance when it comes to proper mitigation. You should consider all of the aspects in order to limit damage.
Hire Professional Service
A property that has been collaterally damaged due to a flood needs to be restored right away. If you think that it's just water and you can remove it, you are probably right but there are several other things that need to be taken care of. Apart from removing the water, the property and its contents need to be dried and all of it should be done within the least time possible. The longer you take, the graver the damage and more the expenses. Therefore, leaving it to a professional is a better idea than to attempt it yourself.
For the mitigation process, a professional service has technically advanced equipment like dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, wet-dry vacuum units, high powered drying fans, wood floor drying equipment and other tools. Along with the proper apparatus, they have years of experience in carrying out the mitigation process. From a thorough cleanup of water from your property to the sanitizing of the place, a professional will do it all.
Assessment Of The Damage
The first thing a water damage restoration professional does is assess the damaged area and identify the cause of flood. Whether it's a burst in the water pipe or rain water blown inside by the wind, the reason has to be identified in order to prevent it from happening in the future. When the root of damage is determined, they assess the damaged property and decide on the services that will be required for the restoration. These services also have water detection equipment that assist in identifying the wet contents of the room.
Content Manipulation And Restoration
Many home items also need proper attention. These items include furniture, electronic items, books and many other things that are commonly found inside the house. Some or probably all of these materials can be affected by the flood. Content manipulation is often referred to moving of the contents that have been damaged by water. During the process, these contents are analyzed whether they can be salvaged or not. The ones that can be restored are dried, sanitized and deodorized whereas others are discarded. Sometimes the expenses of salvaging some items are estimated to exceed their current values, so it is preferred to discard them.
Mold Remediation
Removing the water and drying the property is not enough, the place needs to be dehumidified properly. Even small traces of moisture inside rooms will lead to the growth of molds in several places. When it comes to mold remediation, professional decisions must be considered. The affected area needs to be treated with appropriate techniques and adequate tools which can only be carried out by professionals. Exposure to the mold causes health hazards to the occupants, so it should be taken care of immediately. 
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Helpful Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

Rachel Glaser reports: The United State Fire Administration provided fire safety tips for the home during the holidays, which if followed, will ensure a healthy and happy time for all involved.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Learn Ways To Avoid Danger While Cooking

Owen Jensen reports: Cooking fires tend to increase during the holidays, which is why party hosts may want to consider some safety tips to avoid any possible disasters. The Ohio State Fire Marshal has provided a list of tips for people to implement into their food preparation process.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mold fact of the day: Moisture is the leading cause of mold growth

Moisture is the leading cause of mold growth. That's why bathrooms and basements are common hot spots for mold! If you are having a problem with mold there are some fairly simple things you can do to reduce the moisture level in your home. Let me highlight some of those things for you. First, when you have a water leak, spill or dampness, act quickly to dry it out. If you catch the problem quickly, within 24-58 hours, in most cases mold will not grow. Second, keep the humidity in your home low, ideally between 30 and 50 percent. Most hardware stores sell inexpensive instruments for measuring humidity. Third, make sure to take care of condensation on windows, walls and pipes quickly. Remember that condensation can be a sign that the humidity is too high. Fourth, you should vent appliances that produce moisture, such as dryers and stoves. Finally, use those bathroom exhaust fans when showering, or if you don't have a fan, at least crack the window a little. In general, try to keep your home free of condensation by covering cold surfaces, like cold water pipes, with insulation, and keep the house ventilated as much as possible. By following these simple steps, you will greatly reduce the risk of allowing mold to develop in your home.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions: Water Damage Remediation

You come home and you find your floor is full of water. You identify the source and stop the leak. Then you grab your wet/dry vacuum cleaner and suck up all the excess water. There are still a few damp area and it smells kind of musty so you open the window and will nature take its course. In your mind your Do-it-Yourself attitude just saved you a ton of money. Case closed.
The Do-it-Yourself attitude is admirable and the laudable hallmark of American culture but such attitude can prove to be, as in this case, misguided and have potential long term health and financial consequences.
Issue 1: Using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to extract the water
Problem 1: This extraction usually does not extract all the moisture from the affected area
Why this matters to you1: The remaining water can promote structural decay and be a catalyst for mold.
Issue 2: Opening widow to dry naturally
Problem 2: In hot, humid regions, such as FL, the sweltering heat can actually prevent evaporation
Why this matters to you2: This prevents drying and is an IDEAL condition for accelerated mold growth.
Issue 3: Employing Do-it-Yourself to save money
Problem 3: In many cases, the honorable and honest Do-it-Yourself attempt ends up costing more money
Why this matters to you3: Losing money is bad no matter how you look at it. The potential savings can be offset by having to redo the work and the need for special equipment that is used one time.
Why should I care about Mold?
It is well established that exposure to certain types of mold are well known to have serious health effects in humans. It is certainly not in the interest of anyone to be exposed to mold.
OK, so I'll hire a carpet cleaning company to get rid of my water.
This is a logical step as the typical carpet cleaner will have access to better commercial vacuum equipment than the homeowner but this logic fails in two main areas, cost and ability. Trying to save money by hiring a carpet cleaner can have negative budgetary impact depending on the company used and time involved. While many carpet cleaners are exceptional at their trade and are, usually, worth every penny, carpet cleaners do not know how to remove water from walls, monitor and control ambient moisture, and other such concerns of a professional water damage remediation company.
So how can I get rid of this water and save money?
The best way of getting rid of water damage, preventing or eliminating exposure to mold, and saving money is by hiring a professional water damage restoration company. An independent, professional water damage restoration company is professionally trained and intra-industry certified to thoroughly and professionally handle all aspects of structural drying, odor control, mold handling and removal, and other relevant water damage restoration considerations. More importantly, in many cases, such services can be done at NO or little cost to the property owner using methods including direct insurance billing.
So why pay out of pocket and do the work yourself when the professionals can do the work for you at little to no cost? It's a no brainer.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Black Mold Likes To Grow On - Your House's Trouble Spots

If you dug out some old boxes full of musty stuff from your attic, you might expect there to be a little mold on things, especially if you live in a humid environment. But, mold is probably growing somewhere in you house right now, and you don't even know it. That's why it's important to know what black mold likes to grow on. It's the first step to getting rid of it.
What mold likes to grow on is determined by what mold needs to thrive. Mold needs food, a good temperature, and water. In general, wherever there's water you can expect to find mold.
Mold isn't picky either. It doesn't just strike old, musty, dirty houses. If it has a chance, it will grow all over your nice, new, clean house. So, don't give it a chance!
Here are things mold commonly likes to grow on.
In The Kitchen
Of course, mold likes to grow on food. It's not always the dreaded black mold; it may be its less toxic cousin, the slimy green one. Either way, it's ugly and disgusting. The mold that grows on food is not so dangerous, but seal it in plastic before you throw it out just in case.
Mold also likes to grow in cabinets. You should check from time to time. Basically, any place that is dark and closed up, and might get a little water in it, is a breeding ground for mold.
Sinks, drying racks and other places that get lots of water are also favorite hang-outs of black mold.
In The Bathroom
The biggie here is shower tiles. You've probably seen black mold growing there before, or its friend orange mold. The wall material behind your tiles is delicious for black mold, so it gets carried away and starts growing around the tiles where human eyes can see it.
Just like in the kitchen, mold likes to be close to the water source in a somewhat hidden place. This means sinks, counters, cabinets and anywhere else that gets a little water.
Anywhere In The House
Mold likes hidden-away places. On the walls, mold likes to grow behind things such as pictures or mirrors. If you haven't moved your pictures for cleaning in a while, check and see if our black moldy friend is hanging out there. Wallpaper, because it is porous, is also a great place for mold to live. Keep tabs on your wallpaper so you don't have to remove it all someday because of an infestation of our little friend.
Carpets are wonderful vacations spots for mold. If you ever have any water damage, you may have to remove the carpet if it gets bad. One good way to tell if you have mold in your carpets is just to sniff.
Mold can live in dust and lint. If you keep your house well dusted, you'll reduce black mold problems.
In The Basement
You may have a tenant you don't know about, living in your basement and not paying rent. Mold loves the dark, humid basement. It especially likes the walls and ceilings, where water is often running amok. You may also have mold growing around the concrete on the floor.
In The Attic
The attic is also ideal. It's a place that doesn't get much ventilation, so it's great for black mold. Houses with wooden beams in the attic are particularly favored.
In The Hidden Places
Mold loves crawlspaces, wall cavities, and any other place it can hide. You may be suffering from black mold-related health symptoms and not even know it, because our little friend is hanging out in your house and you can't find him.
Another fave place is inside your heating and cooling ducts.
Mold can get used to the weather just about anywhere, but it especially loves warm humid environments. Florida, California and the Pacific Northwest have some of the worst mold problems in the US. Desert areas and high altitude areas also get hit hard with mold infestations after a big rain or storm.
The key to keeping mold spores out of your respiratory system is to find it before it finds you. That's why it's important to know what black mold likes to grow on.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Nowadays, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the various types of carpets available on the market. In like manner, many homeowners forget the most important thing involved in having a carpet and that is giving it the proper care. Giving it the appropriate carpet cleaning guarantees it lasts for years and maintains a nice look. Apparently, homeowners cannot do it alone which is why seeking the service of a professional carpet cleaner is the best option.
A carpet cleaning company does not only ensure keeping the carpet looking nice but also performs the proper cleaning necessary to keep the carpet looking its best. Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.
1. Keeps the Carpet Looking Great - regular carpet cleaning does not only make the carpet looking great for a longer time. Otherwise, if you do not keep a constant cleaning schedule it will look old and faded. When you allow a professional cleaning company to do the job constantly you can ensure that you will derive pleasure from the service of the carpet for a longer time.
2. Reduction of Allergies - another benefit that you can enjoy by hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the reduction of allergies. When doing the carpet cleaning the dust and other allergens that can trigger health issues are eliminated. Many homeowners are not conscious of the dirt and dust buried deep into the carpet. That is why the professional cleaning company ensures that thorough cleaning of the carpet is performed in order to reduce the allergens inside your home.
3. Removal of Bacteria - carpet is a perfect breeding place of different bacteria that can make the environment unhealthy. Without your knowing, carpet can get damp and wet due to spills or walking on it from outside. In this way, bacteria thrive and make it a breeding place. Keep in mind that bacteria affect the health of everyone in the household and that is why you should consider consistent carpet cleaning.
The good thing about hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is that you will not have to bother with the materials to be used in the cleaning. They will be the ones to provide the cleaning materials and equipment. Most cleaning companies are using carpet cleaning technology in such a way that they use greatly improved materials as well as cleaning chemicals. During the past years many cleaning companies have focused on extraction equipment. However, due to the advancement of technology it makes the job easier.
Recently, carpet manufacturers have come up with the encapsulation technology. This cleaning process makes the job lighter because the cleaning chemicals attract the dirt and soil from the carpet and is then removed by cleaning equipment. This technology of carpet cleaning is ideal for bonnet cleaning as well as hot water extraction. In like manner, the carpet cleaning materials used in encapsulation technology are formulated with the proper balance of detergents. In this way, you can ensure that it will not damage the carpet fibers. Therefore, the encapsulation process is the most effective approach that is widely used nowadays.
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