Sunday, March 31, 2013

How Duct Cleaning Benefits Your Health

While many homeowners are very good about maintaining other components of their home heating and cooling systems, not very much attention is given to the ductwork. Generally, the ducts are ignored until some sort of problem develops with them. This approach can have a detrimental impact on the quality of the air in the home and on the general health of everyone living in the house.

This is why it is important to have the ducts cleaned from time to time. A proper duct cleaning will help to remove elements that adversely affect air quality and make it a little easier for everyone to enjoy a better standard of health. Here are a few examples.


People who suffer with different types of allergies will experience a great deal of irritation and difficult breathing during certain times of the year. Fortunately the filters in heating and air conditioning systems can help to alleviate the level of allergens that are found in the home. When the filters are changed on a regular basis, it is possible to maintain a certain level of comfort even during seasons when pollen and other airborne contaminants are rampant.

Along with filter changes, cleaning the ducts will also help to provide a greater level of comfort. Over time, outside contaminants will begin to creep into the duct system, sometimes collecting over a period of time. When the flow of air through the ducts is strong, those contaminants then break free and head for the vents. Even with a decent filtration system, some of those accumulated irritants will get into the home. By having the ducts cleaned every year or so, you reduce that collection of contaminants so there is less to break free and enter the home.

Rats, Roaches and other Pests

While many people don't like to think about it, rodents and other pests can find their way into a duct system and never find their way out. What this means is that over time, the floor of the ducts become a breeding ground for the decaying carcasses. The result is more contaminants that make it through the filters and into your home's air. A thorough cleaning from time to time will clear out those remains and make the air a lot fresher.

Colds, Flu and Seasonal Bronchial Problems

Even if you do not have to deal with asthma or have allergic reactions to pollen and other substances, clean ducts can still help you avoid getting sick. Ducts that are flushed and cleaned now and then contain much less in the way of bacteria. This includes bacteria that can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to a number of ailments like the common cold. If your body is able to fend off viruses and the other causes of these ailments, there is a good chance that you will experience colds less frequently. You may also find that the symptoms are not as severe and tend to disappear is a shorter amount of time.

Clean Ducts Mean Clear Air

There is no doubt that regular duct cleaning leads to healthier air in your home. As a result, you and your family will reap the health benefits associated with refreshing air. If it has been some time since your ducts were cleaned, take some time to get in touch with your service company and arrange for an appointment. You will be able to tell the difference as soon as the cleaning is finished.

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