Thursday, May 23, 2013

Professional Mold Removal Is Always Best

It can lurk behind your walls. It can establish a colony in a dark, damp place in your bathroom. It can destroy your home and your health in a slow and methodical way. It is mold, and it can be dangerous.

Mold is a natural organism that exists everywhere. Most forms of mold are harmless and no one will even realize that they are present in their surroundings. However, black mold can be destructive to your home and your health.

Black mold grows in dark and damp places, often taking residence behind your drywall after a water vent such as a flood has occurred. Because the conditions behind your walls are perfect for black mold growth, it begins to grow exponentially. It feeds off of anything and everything that it touches, including wood and dry, literally leaving dust in its path.

When the spores enter the air, which is how it moves from place to place, it can cause respiratory illness. People can begin to have asthma-like symptoms, or worse. Because mold is often not discovered until it "breaks through" the walls, these people suffer from the illness never understanding what is causing the problem.

What Can Be Done To Prevent This Scenario

If you have any type of water event, a broken pipe, a flood, a leaky shower, make sure that you have professional mold removal performed on your home. A mold remediation company will come into your home and professionally dry out the area and treat it for mold and mold prevention.

It takes a specific type of cleanser and chemical to prevent black mold from developing. These professional strength cleaners are only available through a licensed company and must be applied by professionals who are specifically trained.

Yes, cleaning the surface with bleach will prevent mold from developing on the surface of an affected area, but it does not treat the other side of your walls or floors where it is perfect for black mold to breed.

Even if you are already experiencing mold growth, a mold removal service can stop the growth by treating the area and the home. You may need to have additional work performed to make repairs from the damage, but this can easily be accomplished if caught in time.

Sick Building Syndrome

Sadly, once black mold has been left to multiply for too long, the building often becomes unusable. The mold growth has infected so many areas, and caused so much physical damage, that the only option left is to demolish the building, treat the debris, and rebuild fresh. This is often referred to as sick building syndrome, and many areas require demolition of the building as the only option.

Again, this can be avoided if mold removal is performed as soon as a water event occurs.

When you are recovering from a flood, a fire, or any other event that involves water in your home or business, it is imperative to have mold remediation performed on the building to prevent future problems. This is especially true in warmer climates where mold growth can start almost immediately.

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