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Get Help With Insurance Claims by Hiring a Professional Water and Fire Restoration Company

You might already be aware of what a pain an insurance company can be when it comes to awarding damages to cover your fire restoration or water restoration work. Most people are usually shocked by the insurance company's indifference when it comes to awarding damages.

You might have paid all your premiums on time and will probably expect the insurance company to cut you a check in a smooth process. However, reality is that they will try to make it as difficult as possible for you to get a fair settlement from them. The reason behind the difficult process is that insurance companies are businesses that make money. They profit from your insurance premiums and lose money when they pay out damages to you. They will thus scrutinize your claims request and probably deny it or ask you to resubmit a request with additional paperwork. Otherwise, they will award you damages that are a lot lower than your actual fire restoration or water restoration costs.

A great way to get around this problem is to hire the services of a professional restoration company. Apart from being equipped with skilled manpower and high tech, heavy duty equipment, restoration companies will also give you a big helping hand with the insurance claims process. The various stages of their involvement are discussed below.
  • After you hire a water restoration or fire restoration company, they will appoint an insurance specialist or an insurance handler to your case. This person will assist you with the insurance claims process by first determining if you should indeed apply for an insurance claim.

  • Once you submit a claim, the insurance company will send a claims adjustor to your property to assess the extent of damage. This claims adjustor will often not have a technical or construction background and you will find that his judgment is quite poor when it comes to damage assessment. This is where the insurance specialist or the insurance handler from the fire restoration or water restoration company will play a crucial role. He will be present on the day of the insurance adjustor's visit to the property. He will take time to explain the extent of damages to the insurance adjustor that might otherwise go unnoticed. For example, a brick wall might seem to be in good condition although there might be extensive water damage behind the brick wall. The wall will thus have to be torn down to access the water damaged material in the back. If not for the insurance specialist, the claims adjustor would not have worked in the cost of the demolition and reconstruction of the brick wall that will be necessary.

  • Another very important advantage that a fire and water restoration company will have to offer is that they will guarantee that their repair estimates will be accepted by the insurance company. This will allow you to let them begin their work and not have to wait for the insurance company to first cut you a check.

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