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How A Professional Mold Damage Removal Company Will Eliminate Your Mold Problem

Almost every household will come under a mold attack at some point or another. Mold growth usually sets in during the winter times when homeowners seal off windows to preserve heat. This will in turn increase the humidity levels in the house which will encourage growth of mold.

Mold can grow very quickly and hiring a mold damage removal company will be your best chance of eliminating both the current mold growth as well as future mold growth in your home. Following is a brief description of how a mold damage removal company will go about the mold cleanup process in your home.

They will first analyze or assess the mold damage in your home. Mold can grow in hidden places such as areas in between walls and other hollow spaces. A professional mold removal company will use hygrometers and other sophisticated devices to detect the true extent of mold growth in your property. They will also try to identify the source of moisture which will usually be a water leak that you are unaware of. There could be a slow leak from a broken pipeline that is hidden in your house. Mold damage removal companies will usually have special infra red cameras that will quickly allow them to find the water leak even if it is not visible to the naked eye.

Once the leak has been identified, the mold cleanup company will first fix the water leak. They will then ventilate the house and keep humidity levels very low by using powerful dehumidifiers and blowers. Low humidity levels will essentially kill the mold as it survives only when there is a lot of moisture present. The mold damage removal company will also do a professional job of removing badly affected construction materials such as walls or ceiling tiles that might be beyond repair of restoration.

In cases of black mold attacks, it is very important that you do not try the mold cleanup on your own as black mold is notorious for causing respiratory problems to those who have been exposed to it. A mold damage removal company will use protective clothing while removing black mold and you will be safe if you allowed them to do the job in your house.

Why putting off mold removal is a bad idea?

Some homeowners make the bad mistake of ignoring a small mold problem in their house as they think that it can easily be addressed at a later point. However, as mentioned earlier, a mold infestation can extend into very large areas of the house even through you might not be able to see it. You will have the best chance of eliminating mold from your home or property if you call in the experts as soon as you can. In addition to potential property damage, mold can also pose serious health risks, especially to children, elderly people and pregnant women who are very susceptible to air borne bacteria. A professional mold damage removal company will be able to give you a free estimate before they begin their work and it will allow you to take a decision with assurance that the removal service will be affordable. Even if their services seem expensive, you will only stand to save money in the long run as mold can result in expensive property damage and health care costs if left unattended.

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Water Damage Can Be Dangerous to Your Home and Family

Owning a home can be a wonderful experience, but the biggest drawback to owning a home is that you are responsible for any repairs that need to be done. Any type of repairs can be costly, but it is usually the unexpected ones that seem to be the most expensive. In the event of any type of water damage, it is best to call a professional to handle the cleanup and repair.

There are a number of circumstances that can cause water damage to a property, including floods, fires, a leaky pipe, storm damage, or a leaky roof. It is best to call a company that specializes in residential and commercial restoration to handle these problems since the cleanup process can be quite thorough. If the problem is not addressed as quickly as possible, it can lead to further problems over time. One example of this would be mold. Mold can develop anytime there is excessive moisture or humidity. If there is long-term exposure or inhalation, this can become a health risk for people.

Water damage is often hidden, so many restoration companies will use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to track moisture. Finding these sources of hidden moisture can prevent further problems such as mold from developing. It is often necessary to use extraction tools and structural drying equipment to complete a repair job. This equipment is the fastest way to return a property back to being livable. Most restoration companies will provide 24/7 service to ensure that their customers get the best service possible.

Obviously, the extent of water damage varies depending on the situation. Once it is safe to enter a property, professionals can begin to stabilize it. Stabilization includes boarding up windows and doors, repairing or tarping roofs, and then performing extraction and drying techniques. They will then repair any electrical service and heating systems. Once this process is finished, an estimator can write-up an estimate and settle with the insurance adjuster. After the cleanup is finished, the rebuilding process can begin. Crews from the restoration company will usually stay on board until the job is finished. This allows for a smooth transition for the property owner.

No one likes to think about their home or business sustaining any type of water damage, but accidents and natural disasters happen every day. In the event that something does occur, it is important to find a company that you can trust to fix the problem. It is always a good idea to make sure the company you decide to hire has a good reputation and is licensed and insured. These professionals will be spending a bit of time in your home, so you want to make sure they are someone you can trust in your home and around your family. When there is an emergency, you want to know that someone is there for you to rely on. Finding a company that offers emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week will be a huge benefit.

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Mold Is Toxic Protect Your Health - Hire A Professional Cleanup Service

Mold can be a pretty troublesome problem in the sense that it can affect the health of people living in the house in addition to damaging walls and ceilings. If you have been attacked with mold infestations, it would be very wise on your part to hire the services of a mold removal contractor who will be carry out an effective job for you.

Some homeowners attempt to carry out mold removal on their own. While you can definitely eliminate small amounts of mold on your own, the complete process of eliminating widespread infestation and also preventing it from coming back will require a full scale effort that only a professional mold damage removal company can do.

Here are some of the techniques used by a mold cleanup contractor that you might not be able to replicate

Freeze blasting with dry ice - Some companies have begun to use dry ice to freeze blast various infected surfaces such as wood and cement.

Dry fog - This is a great technique as it creates a fog that will kill most of the mold in room without any real physical force that can otherwise damage the materials that need to be cleaned of mold.

Vacuum - A commercial mold cleanup company will use wet vacuums to clean up water sources that could be triggering the growth of mold.

Damp wipes - Damp wipes, scrubbing and detergent can be used on non porous surfaces such as glass, plastics and certain types of wood.

HEPA vacuum - HEPA stands for high efficiency particular air and these powerful vacuums can be used in the final process of cleanup once most of the mold damage removal is carried out.

A professional mold removal contractor will need several pieces of equipment to carry out a cleanup. Some of the most commonly used equipment is mentioned below.

Moisture meter - The drying and cleaning process will depend on the moisture level in the affected area and mold cleanup companies will first check the moisture levels before proceeding with work.

Humidity gauge - Humidity is another friend to the growth of mold and a humidity meter will show potential problematic areas where humidity might be too high.

Dehumidifier - Though many homes will have a small dehumidifier, it will often not be enough to get rid of mold infestations. Commercial mold damage removal companies will carry large dehumidifiers that can make a lot of difference in a very short amount of time.

As you can see from the points mentioned above, a fair amount of knowhow and technical equipment is needed to tackle a mold cleanup and it is best that you hire the services of a mold removal contractor who would usually have lot of experience with these problems.

Not only will you not have the equipment and know how to tackle a mold cleanup on your own, you could potentially be risking your own health as mold can easily pose several health risks such as asthma, infections, allergic reactions and even pneumonia in some cases.

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Things You Might Have Not Known About Water Damage Cleanup - Leave It to the Professionals

A lot of homeowners think that water damage control to their property is something that they can easily fix on their own. They assume that the water control is a simple process that will involve pumping out the water and drying out the area.

Though a flood cleanup contractor will employ the same principle in their control process, there are several finer details that can easily be missed out by homeowners. Some of them are mentioned below.

If you did not know about any of the following details, it is best that you let a commercial flood cleanup contractor carry out your basement flood clean or other water damage cleanup.

Types of water categories that can cause damage

There are 4 different categories of water that can cause damage. Category 1 is water that is pretty safe. Examples of this water are water from a broken pipe or a broken sink valve. Category 2 is water that contains some levels of harmful matter such as chemical pollutants or biological contaminants. This is also popularly known as grey water. Examples of water that belong to this category are water from toilets that will have urine in them. Water from the sumps will sometimes flood a house due to machinery malfunction and this would also be water control that will be categorized as 2. The last category which is the worst form of water that can cause damage will be category 3 or what is called as black water.

This is water that has high levels of bacteria, fungi and other microbes that can cause severe health problems. Water from sewages or natural sources such as rivers and streams are perfect examples of category 3 water. Only a commercial flood cleanup contractor will know how to tackle each category of water damage in the most appropriate manner possible. For example, he will use EPA approved chemicals in the water damage cleanup process where category 3 water might have been involved.

Types or intensity of damage that can be caused by water

There are 4 classes of water damage, with 1 being the least damaging while 4 is the worst kind of water damage that can be sustained by a property. Class 1 is when there is very little carpet and other porous materials that are affected. Class 2 water damage is when there is a considerable amount of carpet that is affected. A class 1 and class 2 cleanup is often used for a basement flood cleanup as there are no carpets or little carpet used in the construction of a basement. In addition to carpet, other porous construction materials such as wood, particle board and even plywood can be affected by moisture.

Class 3 is when the water has a very fast evaporation rate and when it can affect the ceilings, walls, flood, sub floor and even the insulation of a particular room. Class 4 is the worst form of water damage where even non porous materials such as hardwood, plaster, brick and even concrete are affected by stagnated water. Class 3 and 4 will require heavy duty water damage control that can be carried out only by an expert flood cleanup contractor.

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Understanding Mold and Water Damage Coverage

Homeowners insurance is not only important for securing your home and valuables, it can be extremely important for your peace of mind. Unfortunately, choosing the right company to purchase your insurance from can be confusing and frustrating.

There are several important exclusions from the basic homeowner's policy that every homeowner should be aware of. Mold is one of the most prominent. In many humid and wet climates, most homeowners are almost assured to run into mold problems at some point. It is important that you take steps to minimize or even prevent damage if possible.

Mold can be insidious, and has many sources. A burst pipe, damage from a storm, or rising water can cause mold, or even improper ventilation can lead to an infestation of mold. No matter the source, insurance coverage for either mold or water damage varies a great deal with different policies, or can be excluded altogether. Some insurers offer ten thousand dollars of limited coverage, but a higher amount is available for those who are interested. Any changes have to have been approved by the States Office of Insurance Regulation.

Some ways to limit the damage, or prevent it are:

- Address any source of moisture immediately if at all possible
- Quickly see to any reasonable and necessary repairs
- If feasible, remove any moisture. If the damage is severe enough, call a water extraction company.
- If possible, move soiled items to a secure and dry area
- Pull up wet rugs or carpets as soon as possible
- Increase air circulation around wet areas

No matter what steps you take, keep detailed and accurate records, including receipts. Take photographs from every possible angle to document the damage, even during repairs. Retain any damaged articles unless your insurance company instructs you to dispose of them. Speak with your agent or broker to give verbal and written notice of the damage. Then you can determine if your loss is covered and by how much.

It is in your best interest to prevent or decrease the amount of damage as much as possible, especially when mold is involved. Insurance claims that include mold damage are significantly higher than those without. Certain molds pose not only a risk for property damage, but significant health risks as well. Many individuals have a negative reaction to mold spores, and some types of mold will cause a reaction in anyone exposed.

Protect your home, and your family. Minimize the potential for mold damage by securing your home from flooding or excess moisture. In the event that you incur water damage beyond your control make sure to take the appropriate steps in handling any further damage. Make sure you read your insurance policy carefully so that you know your options concerning water or mold damage. If you have any questions or concerns make sure to speak with your agent or broker.

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Hire Professional Mold Remediation Service Provider

Mold or mould is a type of fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. They are grown on a number of surfaces and products including food items, and even home or office buildings. Mold grown in the building or at your home can harm the integrity of the building structure, and at the same time can lead to serious health issues.

On the other hand, mold remediation is a process of removing this mold from a house or building. However, the process is not as easy as it seems and one should hire a professional and trained mold remediation service provider to deal with such issues. Mold generally grows in and around the areas containing moisture. If you happen to come across the mold grown in your home in places such as between walls or in the areas that are inaccessible, it is important for you to contact a professional for the assessment.

It is most likely that most of us has seen mold grown in the areas of bathroom where tiles haven't been cleaned for a long time, but mold can be found in many different places as well such as wet or damp clothes that have been left for several days where they can't dry. Besides, other areas include the basements, areas containing leakage pipes or pipe burst, etc. Even flood can cause the mold to grow. Building over damp concrete can also cause mold to thrive.

As said mold mainly grows in the damp and wet areas; however, if unchecked then it can proliferate and can cause various health problems such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems. It can also lead to itchy throat and eyes, sneezing, and coughing, and can affect both humans and pets. Some molds also produce mycotoxins, which can pose serious health risks. Some studies claim that exposure to high levels of such mold can lead to neurological problems and in some cases death.

Besides, molds can also grow in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems). If it affects these HVAC systems, then the spores of the molds are blown in the entire building and home, effecting the health of the individuals, causing skin and respiratory problems. Additionally, mold can also be caused by leak pipes in the apartments or buildings that share walls. If such leakage happens, ensure to have the walls inspected so mold can't further damage the property.

Finally, if the mold infection is on a small level, often you can handle it on your own and clean it with a bleach solution. But if the infection is on a massive scale, it is important to hire a professional mold remediation service provider. Such professional are equipped with all necessary tools and gears required to clean mold, which includes a full face respirator, protective clothing and gloves. As a professional they will thoroughly asses the mold infection at your place, and will take the necessary steps to eradicate it.

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Fire and Water Restoration Services - Summary of Services by a Professional Restoration Company

Fire and water damage can happen for a variety of reasons. It can be a simple grease fire or an overflowing sink that can cause damage or it can be something more serious such as fire caused by lightning or water damage caused by flooding. Unless the fire or water damage was negligible, it is generally recommended that property owners seek the professional help of a fire and water restoration contractor.

Here is a summary of the typical services that will be offered by a fire and water restoration contractor.

Restoration services for damage caused by fire

  • Smoke and soot removal - Smoke from a fire can linger for a very long time unless it is professionally removed. Fire and water restoration companies will use special deodorizers and ozone to completely remove smoke and its odor. Different materials in the house have different levels of smoke absorption and only an expert restoration company will know how to treat each material.
  • Structural repair - Some homeowners will be surprised to know that a very large part of the building structure can be restored although it might look hopeless to the home owner. A professional fire and water restoration company will help you save a lot of money with restorations instead of destruction and rebuilding which can result in very high expenses.
  • Damage to the floor - Often times, the floor is often the first to be damaged in a fire. A fire and water restoration contractor will be able to tell you if the floor in your house or property is salvageable with restoration work or if it will have to be replaced.

Restoration services for damage caused by water

  • Water damage is the worst type of damage as it can lead to structural weakness, bacterial infections, toxic mold growth and many other problems that are best tackled by a professional restoration company. A fire and water restoration contractor will use various types of equipment such as dehumidifiers, blowers, truck mounted and portable water extraction units, moisture meters and hygrometers in their restoration process. This is definitely not something that can be managed by homeowners who will not have access to this costly and effective equipment.
  • Different materials in the house require different types of drying as they all absorb moisture differently. A a fire and water restoration company will use the right equipment such as a dehumidifier or a blower for different types of materials in an effort to dry the property in the most efficient manner.
  • Water follows the path of least resistance. In other words, it will seep into porous materials as and when it comes in contact with them. A fire and water restoration company will quickly be able to assess the water damage in your house and will advice you on which parts of the house are restorable and which parts cannot be salvaged and will have to replace. This is not common knowledge and you could stand to lose a lot if you didn't know how to prioritize your restoration efforts if you are doing it on your own.

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Fire Damage - Dealing With Smoke Damage After a Fire

A fire in the home is an occurrence that all of us hope that we never have to encounter. Unfortunately, house fires are something that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. In addition to the traumatic experience that a homeowner may face, there is also the issue of starting over and trying to save a house that has become a home.

A homeowner is lucky to have everyone safe and to avoid the destruction of all their personal belongings. Even with these blessings, there is still an uphill battle as far as getting the home restored and safe for the family. Dealing with a home that has fire damage is an issue that a homeowner should deal with by using a professional. Many times people attempt to save money by cleaning their home themselves only to find that they wasted a lot of time and effort.

There is extensive work involved with treating a house that has severe smoke damage after a fire. One of the task involve is properly removing the soot and smoke from the house. Soot is an oily substance that can stain your draperies and carpets. Removal of soot will require a heavy duty vacuum. The soot must be removed before any deodorizing can occur. It is also important to allow the air to flow throughout the house by opening all the windows so the home can air out.

Deodorizing the home extensively is necessary in order to completely rid the home of smoke odor. Smoke odors can remain in clothes, furniture, carpets and draperies in the home if not properly sanitized. Proper deodorizing may necessitate using chemicals and additives that break up smoke molecules in order to remove certain odors. Often an ozone generator may also be used by professional fire damage restorers to get the job done.

In addition to removing the odors from the air and carpet, fire damage and smoke odor may still be hidden inside the walls. In these extreme cases, professional fire damage restores may have to use a process called "thermal fogging". Thermal fogging is essential for penetrating the walls the same way a fire did in order to remove the trapped smoke odors. Failure to perform the thermal fogging may leave your home wreaking of smoke long after the fire.

There are also other areas of the home that may need a professional assessment in order to ensure proper fire damage cleaning is thorough. Places such as ducts, and attic insulation may need to be replaced. A walk through by a professional fire damage expert will give a homeowner a good idea of what can be saved and what needs to be replaced. Hiring a professional to get rid of the odor will also keep a homeowner from having to constantly be reminded of the bad memory of a fire due to smoke odor.

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