Thursday, July 30, 2015

Win the Battle Against Mold Growth With Professional Mold Remediation

There s nothing worse than going into your basement or crawlspace a few days after a major rainstorm or burst pipe and smelling that telltale musty smell or seeing gray-green spots spreading out from one corner of the ceiling. You have a mold problem. You might be tempted to break out the sponges and cleaning solution and tackle the problem yourself, but unfortunately, DIY removal is rarely 100% effective. If you don t get that mold dealt with by a professional mold remediation team and soon it s only going to get worse.

Mold growth indoors presents a danger to your building, your belongings, and your health. Breathing in spores has been shown to increase the risk of respiratory issues, allergies, headaches, and other more serious health conditions. Mold growth on walls and other surfaces deteriorates those materials, making them less durable. It also just looks ugly and makes the affected room unpleasant to be in.

It s best to bring in a mold testing and removal company as soon as you notice the signs of mold growth. Those signs include not only visible mold and the musty odor, but also water damage such as peeling wallpaper, warped wood, and water stains. Because it thrives in a damp, dark environment, any overly humid or recently flooded area is susceptible to mold growth, whether you see obvious signs of it or not.

The mold remediation process includes:
  • Mold testing: If you know or suspect that you re growing mold in your basement or in other areas of your building, expert testing is a must. The testing process will not only confirm the presence of mold, but also determine the seriousness of the outbreak, the areas that are contaminated, and the type of mold you re dealing with. All of those factors will affect the removal team s next steps.
  • Mold removal: Beating an outbreak means attempting to get rid of every last spore, because mold spreads and multiplies very quickly. Your customized mold removal process might include scraping or scrubbing visible mold from your building s surfaces; applying antifungal and antimicrobial agents to kill mold; filtering the air to get rid of airborne spores; and removing mold-covered surfaces that cannot be salvaged. Your mold specialist will not be satisfied until the outbreak is contained.
  • Mold prevention: Mold remediation is not done until you ve taken steps to resolve whatever water or humidity problem made the area a breeding ground for mold. Many mold removal companies also offer basement waterproofing and dehumidification services. By locating the source of a leak, installing proper drainage and ventilation systems, and taking steps to control humidity in the area, you can ensure that mold will be less likely to come back.
Dealing with mold is never fun. If the problem is widespread, resolving it can be costly. However, you can t afford to let mold thrive on your property. The structural soundness of your building and the health and safety of its occupants are on the line.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Drip, Drip, Drip - You've Got Water Damage!

While floods get all the headlines, water damage affects homeowners across the nation - even in times of good weather. Your home is filled with potential sources of water damage. After all, thousands of feet of pipe circulate water through your home, to the faucets, water heater, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher, and sprinklers, as well as to and from the city water systems. Pipes rust and burst, joints fail, appliances leak, and the occasional resident forgets to turn the water off.

So, what happens when a pipe bursts or a sink overflows? A minor flood event - inside your home! Water damage sets in quickly and often continues damaging your home without your notice. While a toppled water heater will grab your attention right away, a slow leak in the basement could go undetected for months or years.

Let's look at the damage that an overflowing bathtub might cause. First, if the bathtub is located upstairs, the damage won't be contained to just the one bathroom. In fact, with the help of gravity, expect damaged ceilings, walls, carpets, cabinets, and furnishings in the room below. In the bathroom itself, water damage will affect the floor, baseboards, drywall, and cabinetry. Depending on how long the water continued flowing, water may have spread to adjacent rooms, ruining carpets, floors, walls, and electrical systems.

If something of this nature happens to you, would you know what to do? Turning off the power is the first task as the risk of electrocution should never be taken lightly. Next, turn off the water! Use absorbent towels, mops, and sponges to soak up as much water as possible. Open the windows to further ventilate the home and then call a professional. While some water damage and clean up can be a do-it-yourself job, significant flooding requires professional intervention.

Not only do you need to thoroughly dry out the home, you will need to take steps to prevent mold growth as well as repair structural damage. A professional water damage restoration company has the tools, knowledge, products, and experience to help you recover from the flooding event. Look for a company that can provide you with a prompt response because drying out your home quickly is of utmost importance in preventing further damage.

In addition to calling your local water damage professional for emergency help, call your insurance company. While you may feel foolish for leaving the water on in the tub, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that overflows, even accidental ones, are covered by your homeowners insurance.

No matter what type of water damage occurs in your home, from an unnoticed drip in the basement to a burst pipe in the kitchen, professional and prompt help is often your best choice. Depending on the nature of the water damage, repairs may even be covered by your homeowners insurance.

By: Mr. Mark Decherd
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Friday, July 24, 2015

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Hire Professional Mold Remediation Service Provider

Mold or mould is a type of fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. They are grown on a number of surfaces and products including food items, and even home or office buildings. Mold grown in the building or at your home can harm the integrity of the building structure, and at the same time can lead to serious health issues.

On the other hand, mold remediation is a process of removing this mold from a house or building. However, the process is not as easy as it seems and one should hire a professional and trained mold remediation service provider to deal with such issues. Mold generally grows in and around the areas containing moisture. If you happen to come across the mold grown in your home in places such as between walls or in the areas that are inaccessible, it is important for you to contact a professional for the assessment.

It is most likely that most of us has seen mold grown in the areas of bathroom where tiles haven't been cleaned for a long time, but mold can be found in many different places as well such as wet or damp clothes that have been left for several days where they can't dry. Besides, other areas include the basements, areas containing leakage pipes or pipe burst, etc. Even flood can cause the mold to grow. Building over damp concrete can also cause mold to thrive.

As said mold mainly grows in the damp and wet areas; however, if unchecked then it can proliferate and can cause various health problems such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems. It can also lead to itchy throat and eyes, sneezing, and coughing, and can affect both humans and pets. Some molds also produce mycotoxins, which can pose serious health risks. Some studies claim that exposure to high levels of such mold can lead to neurological problems and in some cases death.

Besides, molds can also grow in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems). If it affects these HVAC systems, then the spores of the molds are blown in the entire building and home, effecting the health of the individuals, causing skin and respiratory problems. Additionally, mold can also be caused by leak pipes in the apartments or buildings that share walls. If such leakage happens, ensure to have the walls inspected so mold can't further damage the property.

Finally, if the mold infection is on a small level, often you can handle it on your own and clean it with a bleach solution. But if the infection is on a massive scale, it is important to hire a professional mold remediation service provider. Such professional are equipped with all necessary tools and gears required to clean mold, which includes a full face respirator, protective clothing and gloves. As a professional they will thoroughly asses the mold infection at your place, and will take the necessary steps to eradicate it.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Why A Local Water Damage Restoration Company Is Your Best Choice

The term "water damage" refers to ruination, damage, loss, or affliction that results from an influx or overflow of water that damages materials or systems via damaging processes like growing, rotting, de-lamination, rusting, and others. There are different ways in which water damage can be caused. Having an understanding of how this type of damage can occur can help you to prevent any future issues.

Acts of nature regularly cause h20 damage. Where the property is located and how it was built will determine whether or not it is at risk. For instance, buildings in flood zones or regions where mudslides occur have increased risk of water loss/damage issues, wooden structures are more likely to develop rot, and metal structures can become rusty from exposure to the elements.

Leaking pipes are a regular reason damage happens. Plumbing leaks make it possible for water to find its way into tiny fissures and behind tiles and walls, resulting in terrible water damages if it goes unchecked. This also holds true with obstructed pipes; these can lead to rusty water lines, garbage retention, clogged drains, and water leaks that can spread.

Your HVAC equipment should be routinely inspected and maintained. Without proper maintenance, you could end up with an obstruction which, in turn, can allow water to leak out resulting in damage. Several different factors can also contribute to water damage, like poorly built structures, roofing/gutter issues, leaking plumbing pipes, insufficient/old plumbing fixtures, inferior appliances, lack of maintenance on water lines, and many others.

This is the reason using a water damage restoration company is a must. At times when things are uncontrollable or too much time has passed to put a stop to things, an experienced water damage/restoration company can locate what is causing the water damage and determine how to resolve it right at the source. They will evaluate the situation, determine the extent of the damages, and make recommendations.

Having restoration services performed will reduce your expenses and labor; let someone else take care of your water losses, like rotted out panels, damaged wiring, built up moisture, mold infestation, and others. Put your money into a professional & licensed restoration services rather than trying to find the money to repair each individual thing destroyed by water damage. An expert local water loss company can help to minimize your financial expenditures as well as quickly and efficiently handle any water loss/damage problems.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Restoration Service Can Help You In The Aftermath Of A Flood Or Wildfire

If you had ever endured a flood or a wildfire, and lost the functionality of your home, then you know that it can be difficult to think of salvaging your property in the midst of such an emotional time. In moments like these, the best course of action is to hire a professional restoration service. They have the know-how and experience to restore your dwelling to habitable standards. To find out more about how they rehabilitate homes damaged by floods and wildfires, read on.


In the event of a flood, restoration service professionals will first come in and document all items and materials that were affected by the rising water and spouting mold. After they are sure everything documented properly, they then inspect the water-affected area with probes and infrared water-sensing equipment to determine the extent of the damage.

Once the full area is determined, the crew will bring in their industrial drying machinery so they can further treat the surfaces and also prevent the eventual growth of more mold. Once the excess water is eliminated from the scene, the workers use special sanitizing solutions to cleanse not only the area affected, but also those that were cross-contaminated. The home may also require deodorizing if there is still an exceptionally pungent odor in the air after the drying and cleansing.

Wood floor dryers, dehumidifiers, and air filtering devices are left in the home for a few days to a week to continue the drying process. The workers will then come back to pick up their equipment and do a quick survey of the property to see if there is anything else to be done that they may have missed before declaring the home safe.


In the event of a fire, restoration service crews remove items and appliances immediately since many will accumulate yellow discoloration if left in the home within a few minutes of the blaze being put out. After a couple of hours, an acidic compound can stain walls and bathroom fixtures. This acid can lead to rusting if not treated, and this can cause irreparable damage if not cleansed with specialized compounds right away.

Using deodorizing fog and counteractants, restoration service workers will remove the sources of any smoky odor, except for anything that the owner may be able to salvage. These items will be encapsulated to prevent re-contamination. Once the acids and the smoke are fully removed, the area is safe to observe as long as a building inspector states that there are no structural issues.

Depending on the extent of the destruction, professionals may be able to return your home back to its pre-loss state. It is important to contact your local restoration service immediately because the longer you wait, the more cumulative damage may occur. At the least, having your home inspected and restored can give you some added peace of mind during this trying period in your life.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Advantages of Mold Remediation

Mold growth can be a serious problem. This is because it can lead to property damage besides increasing the risk of health issues to everyone who resides there. This makes mold remediation very important as soon as the problem is identified. It helps to seek remediation services as soon as there are signs of mustiness and mildew to get rid of the problem before it becomes worse. Mold can force an individual to replace a couch or even a carpet, but it can be worse when health issues kick in.

The Health Benefits of Mold Remediation

Exposure to mold can be quite harmful to health. Mold removal services however, provide relief. Remediation has plenty of health benefits since it ensures that the effects are curbed before exposure to health harmful bacteria and spores. Some of the health issues that remediation helps in keeping at bay include sinus infection, skin infections, rashes, and pneumonia. Others are asthma, memory impairment, migraines, fever, and chronic fatigue syndrome, dizziness, wheezing and coughing.

All these are problems can be avoided with the assistance of professionals that specialize in mold removal. They thoroughly clean the home or property of all mold traces. Sadly, many people get to know about the adverse effects of mold growth within their living areas after already suffering health issues triggered by it. It is advisable for property owners to inspect their living spaces so that as soon as there are any signs of mold growth, they can seek the services of remediation specialists. It is a simple way of dealing with the situation before suffering.

The Importance of Using Professionals

Professional mold remediation services halt the growth of mold completely. The specialists assess the affected area, find the source of the problem and come up with the best ways of eliminating it first by cleaning out moldy overgrowth and second by creating conditions unfavorable to the growth of mold. They eventually restore the home or property to former glory promoting good health in the process.
Water damage is usually the source of mold growth. If this is the root of the problem in your house, specialists will seal leaky spots to ensure that no future breakouts occur. Moldy surfaces will in most cases be dried and disinfected to eliminate chances of mold growing back.

Owing to their professional training, the specialists know the proper procedures to use. They have the right equipment and tools they need to make a tedious process such as mold removal as smooth and effective as possible. They not only take care of the mold, but also ensure that the occupants are protected from the contamination that comes with the removal. Mold remediation recreates a healthy living environment for all.

Mold remediation services are fair in affordability. The charges will in most cases depend on the extent of the mold damage and growth as well as the seriousness of the source of the mold growth. More and more specialists are now offering mold removal services, making it possible for everyone to find effective services at a price or charge that they are most comfortable with.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Indoor Air Quality Concerns? Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned Today

There is a simple way to address indoor air quality concerns and that is to make sure that the air ducts and air vents in your home or office are cleaned out on a regular basis. The air that is forced through the vents originates from a system of ducts work inside the walls, ceiling and floors of the building. The pollutants that are floating in the air are trapped inside the vents and ducts and need to be removed by a professional team that can assure you of clean indoor air.

Indoor air quality is important for homes and office buildings and commercial buildings. People spend the majority of their lives inside a building and the air quality directly affects their state of health. Floating debris collected inside ducts ranges all the way from the dust we see on the counter to molds and mildews that are attracted to the moisture inside the air duct. Regular maintenance is the way to reduce the amount of indoor air pollutants.

Individuals with allergy sensitivities are especially vulnerable to air ducts and vents that have not been cleaned. The allergens attach themselves to the debris that can already be found inside the air ducts. Many are surprised to find out that the ducts are not usually cleaned even in a newly constructed building. Contractors think to clean the carpets, walls and even windows, but not the ducts. The dust from plaster, wood and other construction materials deposits inside the air ducts and vents and will stay there until removed.

The moisture from a heating and cooling unit will attract mold spores which can cause serious problems with your health and the health of your family or employees. Having a professional duct cleaning team perform the removal of this type of debris is the way to prevent the mold and mildew from causing grave health problems.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Mold Removal - A Summary of Professional Mold Damage Removal Services

It is not uncommon for almost every household to come under an attack of mold at some point. Mold is something that flourishes in damp environments. So, if a house were to experience some sort of water damage, it will also usually run the risk of mold damage as well.

In most cases, mold damage removal is not a complicated process although the cleanup job will be easy when it is carried out by a professional contractor. It would be difficult for a homeowner to attempt mold damage removal on his or her own as a fair amount of knowledge will be required along with the use of specialized equipment in order to detect and carry out a comprehensive mold removal process.

Here are some of the most important reasons why a professional mold cleanup service is recommended for you home if it is affected by mold.

· There are over a 100,000 different varieties of mold with some of the types being more dangerous than the others. Black mold is the worst type of mold damage. Only contractors will know how to tackle each type of mold.

· Mold spore testing is a very important step that will determine the type of cleanup that will be carried out. Testing will usually be conducted by an experienced contractor who will walk through your property, looking for damage. He will also use specialized equipment that will conduct an air borne testing for mold spore levels in your house.

· Cleaning up of mold can pose dangers to the health if it is not carried out properly. A professional contractor will wear protective clothing and will also isolate a particular area before carrying out a mold cleanup. If you carried out a mold removal process on your own without properly isolating the area first, you will risk the health of people living in your house as mold will become air borne when it is being cleaned. Mold can cause various respiratory diseases, skin infections and even pneumonia in some cases. One will also have to be very careful with the mold disposal process. Only a contractor will have the knowhow about proper disposal methods.

· Cleaning up mold will require a good working knowledge of construction and construction materials. Mold can grow behind construction materials such as walls and ceilings and it is very possible for a house to be affected with mold although there might not be any obvious signs to show it. A contractor will be able to use moisture meters and his knowledge to quickly find out these problem areas in your home.

In conclusion, you will give your property the best chance against mold attacks if you called in the services of an experienced mold contractor.

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