Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fire Damage Rebuilds

If your house has recently suffered from a fire, then you are left with fire damaged wood that will need replacing.

The first thing you want to do to help rebuild a fire damaged house is strip out any damaged wood. This means any wood that is charred and unable to provide the support it was originally placed for. If you are unsure if a beam or piece of wood needs replacing you can test it out by giving it a hit or two, this of course is only to be done on weaker beams never on a main support beam. The best way to tell if a piece of wood needs replaced is the fact that it is charred black and will often crumble in parts when you grab on to it.

With all of the wood stripped out you can map out where you will need replacements to go. It is very helpful if you have the original contractor who built the house to come out take a look at the original blue prints then rebuild the damaged area. If the damage is only a few pieces of a room then you can probably buy and replace the wood yourself as long as you have the right tools. It is important to note that removing and walking around in a fire damaged area is dangerous and should only be done with the proper safety equipment and with the proper precautions.

With the area you are rebuilding cleaned out of all burned and unsupportable wood and with new wood in place you can go about repairing the next burned area. The rebuilding process is just like the original build, once you have the underlying support wood in place you can move onto replacing drywall and paint. With drywall it is best to have it tested by a professional to see if any mold or other damage has occurred, and if it will need replaced. you don't want to risk using burned out drywall because mold could grow in and flourish which causes all sorts of health problems to the person living in the room.

With the wood and drywall fit for livable conditions you can go over the area with a fresh set of paint. This is a great opportunity to give your house a new look if you are interested in doing so.

So overall fire damage rebuilds can be a long process, but once you have the wood replaced and everything going as planned you can resume living in your rebuilt housing area.

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