Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carpet Cleaning By SERVPRO of Fairfield

Carpet Cleaning Services

Showcase Cleaning

• Pre-spot and Vacuum as needed
• Rotary Scrub with Cleaning Solution
• Hot Water/Steam Extraction
• Pilate Fibers
• Pad & Block Furniture

Steam Cleaning

(Quality results for light/medium soiling)
• Pre-spot and Vacuum as needed
• Hot Water/Steam Extraction
• Pilate Fibers
• Pad & Block Furniture

Specialty Cleaning of Area Carpets

• Oriental
• Persian
• Domestic
• Flocatti

Protection Treatments are available to extend the life of your furniture fabrics and carpet. These treatments also improve the effectiveness of future cleanings by helping to prevent the penetration of soils and stains.

Upholstery Cleaning

The method by which we will clean your upholstery furniture is determined as follows:

• Fiber Content of Fabric
• Customer specifications
• Manufacturer's Recommendations (if available)
• Special Spotting Needs
• Cleaning environment

Wet cleaning for durable fabrics and furniture

• Solution Base Cleaning
• Injection and High Vacuum Extraction
• Specialty Methods for Unusual or Difficult Needs

Dry cleaning for delicate fabrics

• On site cleaning
• Solvent based extraction
• Custom in-shop
• Hand dry clean for very delicate fabrics

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