Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tips for Success: How Good Agents Become Great

As an insurance agent, you are responsible for helping individuals, families and businesses find appropriate protection for their health, property—even their lives.
Accordingly, a good insurance agent will have a firm grasp on the financial products consumers are interested in, the technology to stay relevant and the customer service to build a reputable name.
Product Knowledge and Financial Services
Along with the basic insurance products, an increasing number of insurance agents are offering comprehensive financial services—creating a one-stop-shop where clients can satisfy their needs for insurance and financial planning.??
As an agent, you can also continue your education by keeping up with changes in tax and insurance law that may affect your clients, as well as attending conferences and seminars sponsored by insurance organizations.
The bottom line: A good insurance agent is also a good student.
Technological Advancement
The Internet has greatly affected the insurance world, giving agents a new forum in which to compete with opponents and attract new clients.
In recent years, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising—a process that marries ad text with search results—has been particularly effective for insurance agents. With a PPC campaign, you can sponsor search terms such as "affordable insurance" which, for a fee, appear next to the search results whenever that keyword is searched.
Thousands of agents have also turned to InsureMe to receive hot, timely leads sent directly to their email or fax machine—allowing agents to connect with consumers who are serious about finding insurance.
The bottom line: Agents who incorporate new technology into their business practices will remain competitive.
Competitive Customer Service
While more and more consumers are going to the Internet to shop for insurance, the majority of them still prefer to purchase a policy by sitting down with an agent rather than online—reinforcing the importance of superior customer service. The best agents are flexible, enthusiastic, and reliable—inspiring client confidence through effective communication.
To help address the needs of their clients, many insurance agents are hiring customer service representatives to handle client questions, make changes to policies and process claims—allowing the agent to work on finding new clients and preserving relationships with old clients.
The bottom line: Good customer service will build a satisfied clientele and lead to referrals.
Better Your Business Today.
With the rising competition in the insurance industry, it's important to learn how the top insurance agents stay on top. These tips, coupled with InsureMe's state-of-the-art referral service, will help you achieve the success you've always dreamed of!

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