Friday, June 7, 2013

The Dangers Of Water Damage Mold - You Don't Want to Miss This

With any kind of water damage one of the most serious aspects is mold growth. This mold is very dangerous to the health and can cause respiratory problems, sinus infections, headaches, dizziness, and many other such occurrences. It has also been known to invade the body locating itself in the sinus cavities. Sometimes this involves surgery for removal. One of their worst kinds to be found that is water damage mold.

Unfortunately, you will find that mold can occur anywhere there is moisture. It can occur with a leaking water pipe, flooding, water overflow, or anything that allows water to be somewhere other than where it belongs. This is a problem, because you cannot see this mold in most cases. This is a fungus and can develop in the smallest crack, often found behind walls, toilets, sinks or anywhere that is wet.

Mold can grow anywhere there are damp or humid surfaces and a moderate temperature. It can grow on any surface including food, carpets, clothing, sofas and other things you have in your daily life. It should also be noted that mold can grow inside equipment, such as air conditioners, if the conditions are right.

Many times mold can develop in a bathroom. Moisture from the toilet tank, the wash basin, the bathtub or shower is an invitation for mold. For this reason, you should be especially careful in your bathroom to keep the surfaces dry.

There are a number of different signs that indicate mold. Besides moisture on surfaces, green, black or brown patches on a damp wall are common indications that mold is present. One of the things you will notice, when entering a location that has mold, is a musty odor. This odor is ordinarily present anywhere there is mold.

Black mold poisoning is very common. It develops from the formation of volatile organic compounds, also known as the VOCs. Exposure to this poisoning is indicated by respiratory, mucous membrane, and nervous system problems.

If you are suffering from the such things headaches, nausea, dizziness, memory loss or other health problems, you should check to be sure there is no mold present in your vicinity. In addition to keeping areas dry, it is been found that air purifiers are also a good way to reduce the possibility of mold in the home. Water damage mold is the most prevalent to be found in a household, therefore it is important that you be sure any water leak, or place where moisture can accumulate, is immediately taken care of.

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