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Mold Is Toxic Protect Your Health - Hire A Professional Cleanup Service

Mold can be a pretty troublesome problem in the sense that it can affect the health of people living in the house in addition to damaging walls and ceilings. If you have been attacked with mold infestations, it would be very wise on your part to hire the services of a mold removal contractor who will be carry out an effective job for you.

Some homeowners attempt to carry out mold removal on their own. While you can definitely eliminate small amounts of mold on your own, the complete process of eliminating widespread infestation and also preventing it from coming back will require a full scale effort that only a professional mold damage removal company can do.

Here are some of the techniques used by a mold cleanup contractor that you might not be able to replicate

Freeze blasting with dry ice - Some companies have begun to use dry ice to freeze blast various infected surfaces such as wood and cement.

Dry fog - This is a great technique as it creates a fog that will kill most of the mold in room without any real physical force that can otherwise damage the materials that need to be cleaned of mold.

Vacuum - A commercial mold cleanup company will use wet vacuums to clean up water sources that could be triggering the growth of mold.

Damp wipes - Damp wipes, scrubbing and detergent can be used on non porous surfaces such as glass, plastics and certain types of wood.

HEPA vacuum - HEPA stands for high efficiency particular air and these powerful vacuums can be used in the final process of cleanup once most of the mold damage removal is carried out.

A professional mold removal contractor will need several pieces of equipment to carry out a cleanup. Some of the most commonly used equipment is mentioned below.

Moisture meter - The drying and cleaning process will depend on the moisture level in the affected area and mold cleanup companies will first check the moisture levels before proceeding with work.

Humidity gauge - Humidity is another friend to the growth of mold and a humidity meter will show potential problematic areas where humidity might be too high.

Dehumidifier - Though many homes will have a small dehumidifier, it will often not be enough to get rid of mold infestations. Commercial mold damage removal companies will carry large dehumidifiers that can make a lot of difference in a very short amount of time.

As you can see from the points mentioned above, a fair amount of knowhow and technical equipment is needed to tackle a mold cleanup and it is best that you hire the services of a mold removal contractor who would usually have lot of experience with these problems.

Not only will you not have the equipment and know how to tackle a mold cleanup on your own, you could potentially be risking your own health as mold can easily pose several health risks such as asthma, infections, allergic reactions and even pneumonia in some cases.

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