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How Air Duct Cleaning Can Benefit You

When you are in need of air duct cleaning services, it is important to find a company that can service your needs. Professional cleaners can also service dryer vents, HVAC systems, and they can remove the leftover construction debris found in ducts. You may not be aware that you need your systems cleaned because you don't see it every day. However, this type of cleaning results in better indoor air quality and energy savings. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to have your systems cleaned and when you should do it.

Indoor Air Quality

In an average home, an estimated 40+ pounds of dust accumulates annually within the air ducts. This is created by regular, daily activities. Your HVAC system circulates air throughout your home, so you can imagine what the indoor air quality is of a home with many pounds of dust in the ductwork. Other contaminants, such as chemicals and dander, also recirculate throughout your HVAC system. This can lead to an accumulation of these contaminants in your ducts. Build-up of these materials in circulation systems can cause problems for individuals with respiratory conditions, allergies, and autoimmune disorders.

Energy Savings

The Department of Energy reports that up to 40% of heating and cooling energy in homes is wasted. This excess is caused by contaminants in ductwork that tax the HVAC systems and decrease the system's longevity. Performing air duct cleaning can lead to increased efficiency and energy savings because when these systems are clean, they do not have to labor as much to achieve your heating and cooling needs.

Preventing Duct Contamination

Preventive maintenance can work wonders in keeping your air systems in the best working order. To minimize the amount of contamination in your ductwork, use high efficiency air filters and change them regularly. Ensure all filters are accounted for and replace any missing filters. Also make sure that there are no gaps around filter holders where air can get through. When getting your HVAC systems serviced, ask the technician to maintain the coils and drain pans in the system. It is also just as important to keep your house regularly vacuumed and dusted to reduce the accumulation of contaminants that become trapped within these heating and cooling systems.

When to Seek Air Duct Cleaning Services

It is especially important to get in touch with professional cleaners in the following situations.

1. When you can visibly see mold growth inside the ducts or in and around your HVAC systems. Ask HVAC technicians to check for its growth during regular service visits because it's hard to tell whether mold growth is present on inside surfaces of heating and cooling systems.

2. Rodents and insects get into your ducts and cause an infestation.

3. An overabundance of contaminants (e.g., dust and debris) are trapped in your ducts that cause them to circulate throughout your home by way of the supply registers.

Always ensure you get reliable and professional air duct cleaning service providers and keep a check on your filters and heating and cooling systems to increase the air quality and energy savings in your home.

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