Friday, April 22, 2016

Cleaning Fire Smoke Damage Smell

Cleaning fire and smoke smell is one of the most important activities that is required after the fire has damaged your homes and its contents. It is important to take immediate and appropriate action. Carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture and clothing usually can be refurbished after a fire, unless they have been scorched or severely water damaged. The most iportant thing to do is get professional help from a experienced fire smoke damage company.

Smoke odor could remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies unless it is properly deodorized. Fire restoration professionals and some dry cleaners use a deodorizing process for cleaning fire and smoke smell. They actually break up the smoke molecule to eliminate the odor. This deodorization process is called the ozone treatment. The ozone treatment produces an oxidizing agent that creates the same sweet smelling air associated with a rain storm. The ozone treatment can be done by a fire restoration professional at the home with an ozone generator. Sometimes household textiles are deodorized in an ozone room. If the process is done at home, clothing, upholstered furniture and other textile items are put under a tent while the ozone generator is operating. It is an effective method for cleaning fire smoke damage smell. Clothing and other textile items should be deodorized before they are cleaned; otherwise, the smoke odor could be set in the fabric.

Smoke can enter and remain in and between the walls of the living space. If it is not properly removed, the smoke odor reoccurs from time to time, particularly during damp periods. Therefore, action should be taken to properly remove all smoke odors. Fire restoration professionals can help you in cleaning fire smoke damage smell and eliminating the smoke odor with a process called thermal fogging. This process opens the pores in the walls and neutralizes the smoke odor. There is probably no process a home owner could use that would work as effectively as thermal fogging. If the attic has been insulated prior to the fire, it may be necessary to remove the insulation. Insulation cannot be cleaned; unfortunately, it will need to be replaced because insulation retains smoke odors. Also cleaning the walls and ceiling and painting them is a good idea depending on the amount of smoke damge.

Soiled clothing is cleaned by a variety of laundry methods. Cleaning fire and smoke smell from all clothes with same method is not possible. To effectively remove soot and smoke damage from household textile items such as carpet, draperies and upholstered furniture, it is necessary to use the appropriate chemicals, the right equipment and judgment that come from experience. Properly trained fire restoration professionals have the knowledge and materials to refurbish household textiles after a fire.

The most important guideline for home owners to remember while cleaning fire and smoke smell is not to begin cleaning until the visible soil and smoke odor are removed. In the long run, money can be saved by contacting a fire restoration professional immediately. These experts can be identified through friends whom may had to go through this, or in the yellow pages under water and fire restoration and generally are willing to travel several miles to restore a home.
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